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Steal this Drill: 7-11 Game

7-11 is a game where one person is standing in a corner moving the other person around.  Player 1 (in the deuce corner, lets say) is allowed to hit the ball anywhere he or she pleases.  Player 2 (covering the entire court) is only allowed to hit the ball to the deuce side of the court.  The player who doesn't have to move tries to get to 11 points and the player who does the running tries to reach 11.  One key rule:

The player attempting to reach 11 points is not allowed to hit winners

Anything goes, either player can dropshot, lob, slice, volley...test your imagination.  The way the game is setup, it should create for a very even match-up between players.  For the player running, the goal should be consistency and extending the points long as possible.  If the player running is engaging in a bunch of 1, 2, 3 shot rallies and missing- you are going for too much.  Remember, it will be nearly impossible to hit a winner into half a court...even for a world class pro.  A much more sophisticated way to attack the situation is to use a plethora of attacks- be it looping, slices, depth, short, change of pace, and mental will to catch the non-mover off guard.  If you can sucker the non-mover into errors, that is your only and best chance.  

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