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Ingenius Way to Defeat a Counterpuncher (aka Moonballer)

I always hear people say, "I can't play pushers.  They get everything back and give me no pace!"  There are a few remedies you can practice to solve this dire situation (heaven forbid someone makes 10 balls in a row against you).  The easiest solution is to suck up your pride and do to them what they are doing to you.  Are they giving you no pace?  Give them no pace back.  See how they respond to generating their own pace.  See if they can create enough pace to hit some winners by you.  In fact, let them hit some winners by you.  Give them no pace to work with and let them overwork their muscles while you just block the ball back.  Take immense pleasure in their struggles and chuckle at yourself inside.  Think about what you will cook for dinner in-between shots, really have fun with it.  Matter of fact, plan your dinners a few days in advance and all the ingredients you need to shop for.  Try to nudge them towards the edge of the cliff and dare them to do something uncharacteristic like swinging for the lines.  And if they say something along the lines of "I'm playing soooo bad!" you are starting to get under their skin.  Keep it up, keep pushing them towards the edge of the cliff.  To really tickle them, give them even more time in-between shots (not points, but shots) and see how they like tasting their own medicine.  Now if they slam a ball into the fence or hurl the racquet towards the bench, you are doing FANTASTIC!  

Sure they might hit a few winners here and there out of frustration, just ignore it.  Its part of the master plan.  There will come a time in the match, the tipping point, where your opponent will realize their is no easy way out.  That is when you will need to double-up your efforts as he/she will decide to engage into a battle of mental and push the ball back with you, trying to outlast you.  This is when you need to stick to your plan and match them.  Doesn't matter if it takes 10 balls, 20 balls, or 60 balls- you do what it takes to extract as much mental energy from them as possible.  Sure they might win that point, but then make them do it again, and again, and again.  You really should have the next months' worth of dinners planned out, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Really take extreme pleasure in their suffering and pain- then after you crush their spirits and have them succumb to your master plan, I am willing to bet they will never "push" with you again.  And if they do, you will practice some of these other solutions to the ever annoying "Moonballer"....

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