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Reduce Your Opponent's Support

Student of history may recall how Hannibal, the Carthaginian military genius, gave the Romans a hard time during the Punic Wars. Time and again, he continued to press the Romans, encircle them, destroy them, escape from them and, overall, pose a huge pain in the behind for the Roman empire. It seemed that, no matter what the Romans threw his way, the wily general always got the best of him. What finally allowed the Romans to defeat one of the most brilliant military minds in who's ever lived was a battle on Hannibal's home soil. The Romans sent Scipio Africanus who quickly defeated two provinces that were used to provide Hannibal's "away" troops with economic, military and moral support. When Hannibal returned to face the Romans at Zama, his army was greatly diminished and, finding their enemies on their front-steps, completely dejected. The Romans won that battle decisively and Carthage's position in world history was relegated to insignificant. 
What this story teaches us that if you take away your opponent's support system, you can defeat him.
Many historians attribute the Roman victory to Scipio's destruction of Hannibal's support. Hannibal simply did not have the resources to defeat the Romans. The army wasn't there, the food and drink wasn't there and, even if he won, his allies were destroyed. Now, short of taking away your opponent's tennis rackets, the "support" system on which your opponent relies are his legs. Specifically, his LEGS, LUNGS AND HEART. When you find yourself in a heated match with a strong opponent, one of the things that you can do is start breaking down his legs, lungs and "heart" by making him grind hard for every single point. Instead of going for the knock-out punch, you land body-punch after body-punch to soften up the opponent. Make sure that his legs are wobbling like Jello before you really start pressing with your game. Make him huff..make him puff...and give him enough rope to hang himself by inviting him to go for stupid shots when he doesn't have enough oxygen left in the brain. Unfortunately, a lot of players lack the determination to hit one more quality shot than the opponent and break down first. But with practice, you will learn to throw various combinations towards the opponent and overwhelm him with information and physical brutality. Be ready, willing and able to do this - to stay on the court 1 hour longer than the opponent - and you will win. With your attitude, tell your opponent "this is too hard for you; you don't belong here' go home."

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